17-18 LEPC Project Status

Workforce WindsorEssex, your Local Employment Planning Council, is excited to undertake 2017-2018 projects with the help and guidance of our community partners. This webpage will keep you up to date with the current status of each project.

2017-2018 Local Employment Planning Council Projects


Decoding the ICT Workforce

A look at the local ICT sector, through featuring local companies, exploring pull factors experienced by workers, and highlighting ways companies can create a “brain gain” in Windsor-Essex.

UPDATE: Work has begun through surveying of ICT students, workers, employers, and educators. The first ICT Leadership Table meeting was held on October 3rd, with 20 attendees coming together to talk about tech challenges and opportunities in Windsor-Essex.


Examining the Participation Rate in Windsor-Essex

A video report on the region’s low participation rate and contributing factors.

UPDATE: Research work has begun on this project! We're looking at historical participation rates and trying to break it down by looking at numerous other data sets like birth rate, migration, sources of income, educational attainment, participation by gender, participation by ages, etc. We are also looking at how these stats looked in 2002 when local participation rate was highest (in recent history anyways). We're excited to see what the data tell us.


LMI 101

An interactive website providing local data on local labour market information, featuring webinars, resource materials and a user guide.

UPDATE: We have recently taken the opportunity to survey our key partners to develop an understanding of the types of LMI that they would like to have access to and the most effective means of communicating this information. We will be using these results to guide the content that is posted on our website and shared in the community. Additionally, we are looking forward to hosting webinars in 2018. Stay tuned as we prepare to release the topics for these webinars!


Training and Career Pathways

COMPLETED: After idenitifying in-demand jobs locally, Workforce WindsorEssex developed and launched career profiles for each job on Thursday October 12, 2017. The Career Profiles contained key labour market information about each job including a job overview, wages, skills required, job duties, career pathways and opportunities as well as local educaitonal and training programs that prepare you for a career in that job. The list of jobs and their Career Profiles can be found in English here and French here.


Supporting Small Business in Windsor-Essex

COMPLETED: From July to September 2017, we conducted consultations with 61 small businesses (100 employees or less) to gather information about their workforce, including their recruitment and retention best practices as well as their challenges. Using the knowledge gained in the consultations, we were able to identify strategies for recruitment and retention, many with a local flavour, that businesses can use to build a stronger and more stable workforce. These strategies can be found in our Guide to Recruitment and Retention for Small Businesses in Windsor-Essex. To download the English guide click here and for the French guide click here.

A booklet highlighting small business recruitment and retention strategies with actionable best practice tips.


Experience for Success

A best practice guide for employers hosting experiential learning placements while connecting educators, employers and service providers to facilitate on the job learning opportunities.

UPDATE: Students and employers were surveyed about their personal successes with experiential learning opportunities and to provide input on how to make experiential learning opportunities even better for local students and job-seekers. The first Experiential Learning Committee meeting will be held in November. Manufacturing Day was held on October 6th and provided local students with the opportunity to tour various manufacturing facilities in the region to learn about what they do. Build A Dream will be held on November 2nd, giving secondary school girls the opportunity to meet with STEM, skilled trades, and law enforcement employers and hear from women in those fields.


Newcomers: Your Skilled Workforce

A profiled of newcomer skill sets, highlighting their work experiences and education, demonstrating an available workforce.

UPDATE: 250 newcomers have been surveyed with the help of local service providers, identifying their skills and past work experiences. Surveys will continue to be conducted through the fall. Stories of employers that hire newcomers and have innovative methods for incorporating them into their staff continue to be collected.


NAFTA Recommendations from Windsor-Essex

As we prepare for official consultations process, we’re talking to business and commuters about what works and what could be improved with NAFTA.

UPDATE: To better understand the importance of NAFTA on local trade and labour mobility, a local survey was conducted asking businesses, commuters, and other stakeholders about what they see as the biggest issues, concerns, and opportunities as part of the NAFTA renegotiations.  The survey, the only one to be conducted at a community level in North America, closed on September 30, 2017.  In total, 151 respondents took the time to provide their views, including 76 businesses, 32 commuters and 43 other interested organizations or individuals. As well, Workforce WindsorEssex continues to work with several local organizations as part of a local NAFTA Working Group. The WindsorEssex Economic Development Corporation, the Windsor Essex Regional Chamber of Commerce, Workforce Windsor-Essex, St. Clair College, the Cross-Border Institute, and the Institute for Border Logistics and Security, along with provincial and federal partners continue to be committed to providing a collective voice on local matters of importance.


Quarterly Surveys and Benefits Guide

A benefits guide on effective labour market information collection through surveys.

UPDATE: The fifth quarterly survey was completed in June, with over 60 respondents. The sixth quarterly survey is open through the month of October, with a bulletin of results to be released in November. To see past quarterly bulletins and to check for a current survey, please visit http://workforcewindsoressex.com/labour-market-information/quarterly-surveys-and-bulletins/