17-18 Project Status

Workforce WindsorEssex, your Local Employment Planning Council, is beginning to work on its 2017-2018 Projects.

We’re excited to undertake this work together with all of our community partners. This webpage will keep you up to date with the current status of each project.

2017-2018 Local Employment Planning Council Projects


Decoding the ICT Workforce

A look at the local ICT sector, through featuring local companies, exploring pull factors experienced by workers, and highlighting ways companies can create a “brain gain” in Windsor-Essex.


Examining the Participation Rate in Windsor-Essex

A video report on the region’s low participation rate and contributing factors.


LMI 101

An interactive website providing local data on local labour market information, featuring webinars, resource materials and a user guide.


Training and Career Pathways

An online process map of local training and education programs for high need occupations.


Supporting Small Business in Windsor-Essex

A booklet highlighting small business recruitment and retention strategies with actionable best practice tips.


Experience for Success

A best practice guide for employers hosting experiential learning placements while connecting educators, employers and service providers to facilitate on the job learning opportunities.


Newcomers: Your Skilled Workforce

A profiled of newcomer skill sets, highlighting their work experiences and education, demonstrating an available workforce.


NAFTA Recommendations from Windsor-Essex

As we prepare for official consultations process, we’re talking to business and commuters about what works and what could be improved with NAFTA.


Quarterly Surveys and Benefits Guide

A benefits guide on effective labour market information collection through surveys.