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What are we currently working on? What projects are coming down the pipeline for you to use and access? Take a look below:


1. Barrels, Bottles and Brews

BBB Project Info



2. Occupational Guide for Food Processing in Windsor-EssexDSC_0821

Have you ever wondered what jobs are needed to make a tomato from a garden into the bottle of ketchup that you find in the grocery store? Through funding provided by MTCU, we are in the process of creating an occupational guide for food processing in our region. In order to do this we are working with local employers in the food processing industry to understand their workforce needs. We will be highlighting the things that you need to know about this sector, including: types of occupations, skills that are needed, available training, myths. vs. reality, examples of local employers and what employers would like you to know.  Keep your eyes peeled for this guide coming in 2016.

For additional information please contact Michelle:

3. Positioning Women for Success Windsor-EssexDSC_0050

Workforce WindsorEssex received funding from Status of Women Canada to carry out a 30 month project aimed at leadership development and how women can be positioned for success within their workplace.  WFWE is working with seven local employers and the project will be implemented through unique work plans, tailored to each employer’s needs and the needs of the women employed at each employer.  WFWE is partnering with Ronna Hope Warsh Leadership Coaching and Consulting for the duration of the project.

For additional information please contact Heather:

4. EmployerOne Survey

“Employer One Survey: Community Report” in black and white with a black check mark in a blue box before the title. Two pie charts, the larger one titled “Responses from City/Town” with different shades of blue and green for each section. Windsor (a dark blue) takes up 67% of the chart, followed by Tecumseh (light blue) with 12%, Amherstburg (a dark grey) with 4%, Town of Essex (a slightly light blue) with 4%, Kingsville (a dark blue-green) with 2%, Leaminton (a lighter blue that Tecumseh) with 7%, and Lasalle (light blue-green) with 4%. The second and smaller chart is titled “Life Cycle Stage of Organization”, with “Established” (a dark green) taking up 69% of the chart, Growth (a blue-green) with 23%, and Start-Up (light green) with 7%. The Responses from City/Town is overlapping a grey map of Windsor-Essex.


You may recall our EmployerOne Survey from 2014-2015. We are looking forward to rolling out the EmployerOne survey again this fall. Funded by MTCU, The EmployerOne Survey is a comprehensive survey of local employers focused on the demand-side of the Windsor-Essex labour market. It is designed to collect information annually on a range of Human Resource issues: labour turnover, hard-to-fill positions, recruitment difficulties, and current and future skill shortages, so that Workforce WindsorEssex and the community can accurately respond to the needs of our local employers.

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5. Guidance Counsellor Forum

A cartoon of an employer shaking an educators hand.

At Workforce WindsorEssex we are in the process of planning two Guidance Counsellor Forums for this fall. Our aim is to bring  guidance counsellors, co-op teachers and SHSM teachers together with local employers so that they may directly gain a deeper understanding of our local sectors and what employers are looking for. Through funding provided by MTCU we are working with four local school boards and a team of champion employers to make this a fantastic event.

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6. Local Labour Market Plan Update Report 2015-2016


You may be familiar with our Labour Market Plan Reports from previous years (Connecting the Dots: 2014-2015, 2013-2014, 2011-2012). Through funding from MTCU, WFWE will be providing another update to residents in the Windsor-Essex region on current labour market conditions. Qualitative and quantitative data are being gathered and analyzed from various sources to compile the final report.

For additional information please contact Heather:

7. WEnav: Career Counselling for Youth


Funded by the Ontario Trillium Foundation, WEnav is Workforce WindsorEssex’s career counselling program for youth designed to teach youth the skills and knowledge that are vital for career navigation. After researching the needs of the Windsor-Essex community, career theory, and best practices, WFWE has developed this comprehensive program for the community to use at no cost. Login to WEnav to gain access to all of its resources (including facilitator guides, handouts, PowerPoint presentations, and additional resources).

Learn more about WEnav over on our WEnav page.

For additional information please contact Stephanie:


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