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What is it?        

The EmployerOne Survey is a comprehensive survey of local employers focused on the demand-side of the Windsor-Essex labour market. It is designed to collect information annually on a range of Human Resource issues: labour turnover, hard-to-fill positions, recruitment difficulties, and current and future skill shortages, so that Workforce WindsorEssex and the community can accurately respond to the needs of our local employers.
 Employers have a Voice!    

You may have heard this all before, but this time there will be action!

Employers in our region have been saying there is a skills gap, that they are having a difficult time finding a skilled workforce to fill available positions. This survey will allow us to quantify and have a clear understanding of what is needed (e.i. specific skills, training needs) to support employers.

As an employer/business you will have the opportunity to take a good look at your workforce:

  • Identify & expand opportunities for growth
  • Plan for the future
  • Get a customized workforce profiled for your organization immediately
  • See regional results in March, 2016
  • Ensure Windsor-Essex has a world-class workforce

Make sure your sector has a strong voice! Share the EmployerOne Survey with your sector collegues.

 Additional Information

Four years ago the Workforce Development Board in the Elgin, Middlesex, Oxford region created the EmployerOne Survey as a response to Statistics Canada cancelling their employer survey. Since there was a great need for workforce data, questions in this survey were taken right from Statistics Canada. This year, all of the Southwestern Workforce Development Boards are rolling out the EmployerOne Survey together.

Questions? Please contact Heather Gregg at hgregg@workforcewindsoressex.com.



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