WE LIP: Global Talent Stories

Global Talent Stories Volume 1:

Country of Origin: Syria
Occupation: Computer-Aided Drafting Technician
Organization: City of Windsor

Mark Egbedeyi-Emmanuel
Country of Origin: Nigeria
Occupation: District Manager for Windsor & Chatham
Organization: Union Gas

Click here to read Nada and Mark's stories

Article “Syrian Immigrant Finds Dream Job After Seven Years in Canada” with a photo of Nada sitting on a bench in front of a garden area. Article “Embracing Diversity Leads to Employee Retention and Workplace Success with Union Gas” with a photo of Mark Egbedeyi-Emmanuel.

Global Talent Stories Volume 2:

Lijuan Zhang
Country of Origin: China
Occupation: Manager of Finance
Organization: Workforce WindsorEssex

Javier Bernal
Country of Origin: Colombia
Occupation: Sales Manager
Organization: Sunlife Financial 

Click here to read Lijuan and Javier's stories.

Article “Networking for Success” with a photo of Lijuan Zhang speaking into a microphone.Article “Persistence Pays Off” with a photo of Javier Bernal in front of a black and white wall photo of cars on a busy street.

Global Talent Stories Volume 3:

Biljana Angelovski
Country of Origin: Serbia
Occupation: President of Symphonic Management

Name: Dean Christie
Country of Origin: Jamaica
Occupation: Director of Finance
Organization: Unemployed Help Centre

Click here to read Biljana and Dean's stories

Article “Sacrifices For Success” with a photo of Biljana Angelovski.Article “A Welcoming Community Supports Job Hunter’s Success” with a photo of Dean Christie sitting in an office with certifications framed on the walls.


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